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Decks Assemble is Hearthstone’s First Real Letdown

by DamienR (follow)
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Hearthstone is arguably one of the best and most popular strategy games available to mobile players. And it’s no surprise, it has everything going for it. The game entices past and present World of Warcraft players (being that it is basically a more complex WoW mini-game), has a huge development team available, and polished to the Nth degree. Hearthstone was like a rookie hitting a homer with the basses loaded in the 9th inning of the world series.


Just in case you stumbled across this article by accident and have no idea what Hearthstone is, here’s a quick primer. Hearthstone is a collectible card game where players build decks of 30 cards, each with their own unique abilities, and pit those 30 cards against a deck assembled by other players. It’s a lot of fun, and people can get very creative with decks. Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of Hearthstone, are also constantly adding new cards and content which has helped make it a ridiculously massive success.

One of the newer features added to the game is the Tavern Brawl. The Tavern Brawl gives players a “new set of crazy rules each week” for players to test out and enjoy. The Tavern Brawls have been a huge success and rightfully so, they change the game up and keep players coming back each week to test out the new brawl. Blizzard has put out a new and interesting brawl week after week after week…until this week.

The current Tavern Brawl is called Decks Assemble

This week’s Tavern Brawl is called Decks Assemble. In this Tavern Brawl Players choose their hero, but get no say in what cards are in your deck. This is not unusual for Tavern Brawls, as often the brawl will include premade decks. In Decks Assemble, however, each player only starts off with a small selection of next-to-useless cards. At the beginning of each turn, you get to choose one of three relatively decent cards to get added to your hand and deck.

Hearthstone Decks Assemble Card Choice

At the end of each turn your hand gets randomly swapped out other cards in your deck.

Hearthstone Decks Assemble Card Choice
Blizzard has included instructional pop-ups in Tavern Brawl for the first time for Decks Assemble

Sound confusing? It is a little, at least the first time through, but you’ll get the hang of it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that the process is tedious and swapping out your hand each turn means there is basically little strategy involved in the game.


Luckily Tavern brawls only last a few days and although they do some times bring an old Tavern Brawl back for a second round, it doesn’t happen often. And with a great track record of past Tavern Brawls, I can say with a decent amount of confidence that Decks Assemble is an anomaly.


Decks Assemble may have been Hearthstone’s first letdown, but it will give players time to catch up on Hearthstone’s newest solo adventure, League of Explorers, while we all wait for a fun Tavern Brawl to roll over next week. Sorry Blizzard, I don’t mean to be a hater, you guys make an awesome product but this one just didn’t hit the mark.

Hearthstone Defeat

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