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Review of Marvel Contest of Champions by Kabam!

by DamienR (follow)
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Marvel Contest of Champions Howard the Duck Title Card
Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game for iOS and Android devices that pits Marvel Comics greatest heroes and villains against each other in an epic never-ending contest. As far as fighting games go, this game is simple, but highly addictive. Best of all, Kabam is constantly updating the game with new heroes, monthly events, alliance events, arena tournaments, and more.

Contest of Champions Summoners, Heroes, and Villains

The Collector has gathered heroes and villains from across the galaxy, which he simply calls Champions. They are all trapped as a part of his collection. Also part of the contest are those called “Summoners”. Summoners are the players and they get to collect champions throughout the game. Champions come with star ratings to indicate their overall power, but they can also level up as they are used which gives them additional hit points and allows them to deal higher amounts of damage. Stars range from one star to five, with one being the lowest starter heroes and five being the ultimate in power. Even once a champion has reached their maximum level, they can still become more powerful by ‘ranking up’ or by getting duplicated. Duplicating happens when a Summoner collects multiple of the same hero. Heroes can be obtained through quests, arenas, or by opening Crystals.

Marvel Contest of Champions Heroes
Hero collection

Contest of Champions Battles

Summoners create teams of up to five champions to battle through challenges in the game. Battle is one-on-one, champion versus champion. Controls consist of four moves: light, medium, and heavy attacks, and block. Champions also have up to three special moves. Specials require ‘power’ to be used. Power is gained during battle by a champion successfully landing blows on an opponent or by taking hits. Champions battle it out until one champion is knocked down to zero health.

Marvel Contest of Champions Battle

Contest of Champions Quests

Questing is a major aspect of Contest of Champions. There are two major quest areas, the story quest and event quests. Quests are basically maps with multiple paths to reach the end. Summoners are rewarded each time a quest map is completed but they will gain extra prizes for the first time a map is completed and when a map has been 100 percent explored.

Marvel Contest of Champions Map

Players pause intermittently on a map to either battle an opponent or to read through the story associated with the quest. Exploring maps takes energy. The amount of energy a Summoner has is dependant on their level. Energy is recouped over time, but the maximum a Summoner can have increases by one each time the Summoner levels.

Marvel Contest of Champions Story with Maestro

Unlike the event quests, the story quest is never-changing and is the largest of the quest options. Where there is only a single story quest, there are multiple event quests at any given time. There are daily event quests used to collect catalyst fragments, which are used to rank up champions. Kabam also offers special event quests that usually last a month or less. These quests usually come in multiple difficulty levels, which Summoners can battle through. These quests are great if Summoners are stuck on the Story Quest, and they offer great prizes like a 3 star hero for 100 percent completion of the ‘normal’ difficulty level.

Contest of Champions Arena

Arena battles are one day and three day long events where Summoners battle for points and prizes. Battles consist of teams of three champions being pitted against another team of three. Each win garners points towards the arena. If the summoner wins two or more of the three battles, they will receive a point multiplier up to 3 times the base points for that battle. After a champions has engaged in an arena battle, that champion has a two hour cool-down before they can battle in the arena again.

Marvel Contest of Champions Arena

Prizes for arena battle consist of milestone awards and rank awards. Milestone awards are based on reaching predetermined point amounts. Rank awards are based a summoner’s top percentage rank based on all of that arena’s participants. Rank awards are the largest awards in the arena, but the millstone awards alone make the arenas worth competing in. Milestone awards consist of combinations of gold, battle chips, Premium Crystal shards, and units.

Marvel Contest of Champions Milestone Awards
Milestone Prizes

Rank Rewards consist of shard or crystals, and even 3 and 4 star heroes. For newly offered champions, the arena is usually the first place they become available.

Contest of Champions Alliances

Alliances are a huge part of the Contest of Champions. An Alliance is a group of up to 30 players who band together. Being a part of an alliance opens up many ‘events’ and huge prizes. Alliances also have special quests and wars open to them. Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars each require their own type of energy. Each player has 5 energy each for wars and quests. Like regular energy, it is replenished over time, however this energy only replenishes one every two hours.

Marvel Contest of Champions Alliance Quest
Alliance Events

Alliance Events tend to be more difficult than regular quests. Heroes involved in quests are also locked to that quest or war. This means that a hero entered into an Alliance event can’t be added to a group for a regular quest until the Alliance Event ends. The rewards for participating in Alliance Events are huge and easily outweigh having champions locked for a short period. Despite all the bonuses, being a part of an Alliance can also be time-consuming and turn the game into a responsibility as other members require each summoner to be active in the game for the Alliance to excel. If you’re planning on playing Contest of Champions often, then being a part of an active Alliance it a must.

Contest of Champions Content Updates

The biggest draw, and major reason for Contest of Champions’ success is Kabam’s constant updates. Each month new Event Quests are added, often coinciding with Marvel comic, TV, or movie events. Launching new content to accompany a new Marvel movie or comic makes that Contest of Champions event that much more exciting. The content updates themselves are awesome.There is also something new to do in the game.

Marvel Contest of Champions Alliance Quest
Event Quest

Contest of Champions Free and Pay Options

Another huge draw to Contest of Champions is the excellent balance of free and pay options. The perfect free-to-play game in my view does not force a player to pay to win, or pay to continue to play. Contest of Champions does offer some pay to play options like using units to replenish a Summoner’s energy for questing, or to automatically remove a champion’s arena cool down. Units can be earned in-game but they can also be purchased with real-world cash.

Marvel Contest of Champions Store
Store Options

Purchased start as low as $6.99 and go as high as $69.99. Basic purchases will provide Summoners with units. As mentioned, units can be used to for additional game time, but they can also be used to buy Crystals of all kinds. Why Contest of Champions is a great mix of pay and free is two-fold: there is always something to do without opening your wallet, and even when you do open your wallet, you’re not playing to win. You will advance depending on what you purchase with your units, but it doesn’t give a huge unfair advantage to players who pay.

Marvel Contest of Champions Victory

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