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Review of The Walking Dead No Man's Land by Next Games

by DamienR (follow)
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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a tactical survival game with a building aspect.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land by Next Games

No Man’s Land is the story of a new group of survivors freed from Terminus when it’s destroyed by Rick and his crew. Now they find themselves in need of a refuge where they can live and thrive.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Game Play

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land has two basic game play components: turn-based battle and town building. I’m going to start off with the town building aspect, and save the good stuff for the end. The mobile market has taken the building aspect of the real-time strategy genre from PC, stripped it of pretty much all it’s fun bits and tossed whatever was left into mobile games.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land by Next Games

I’d love to say the building aspect in No man’s Land is different, but it isn’t. Players choose a building to build or upgrade, this takes a prescribed amount of time or you can finish right away by using game gold. Each building serves a purpose and upgrading makes the building more powerful such as producing more food, or healing survivors. The building aspect is tedious, and prevents players from moving forward in the game while they wait for upgrades to be completed.

The game’s battle mode is where No Man’s Land really shines. Survivors adventure through different Walking Dead locales including a return to Terminus and the prison yard, as well as some new uncharted territory.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Episode 2 Map

Like most free-to-play games, entering each location on the map takes energy, this time in the form of gas, which replenishes over time. You can take a prescribed amount of survivors into each battle.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Daryl Dixon Cameo

The goal is to survive crossing the map from one end to the other, and search for supplies while you do it. Walkers will block your path, and must be dispatched or avoided. You can move all your heroes in one turn, then all the remaining walkers take their turn. Survivors are separated into six different classes, each with their own skills. The tactical portion of the game is a lot of fun, the game mechanics run smoothly, and the game play stays intense throughout each screen.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Daryl Dixon Cameo

The tactical portion of the game is where players spend the most time, which is a good thing, because it will almost make you forget about the building portion, and poorly outlined pay options.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Free and Pay Options

When it comes to free-to-play games, developers have to walk the fine line of game versus income. Developers need to make money, they can’t pay salaries or pay rent for their studios without it, so I don’t begrudge them having pay options.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land by Next Games

However, the pay options need to fit a certain criteria. They can’t allow people to pay to win if the game has a player versus player mode. No man’s Land doesn’t have a PvP mode, so we’re good there. Players also want to be able to choose when and how long they play, without having to drop their credit card number to do it, and that’s where No Man’s Land fails.

Players can only house so many team members, and they have to constantly be levelled up. You can only level up one survivor at a time. This means if you have an area where it’s recommended that all your characters are level 4, but your characters are level 3, you have to wait until all three are upgraded or spend your game gold on upgrades. Don’t have enough gold? Then it’s time to open your wallet or wait.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land by Next Games

Oh, just a second! Your training ground also needs to be upgraded so it has the ability to upgrade survivors to level 4, that’s going to take some time…or you could open your wallet again. I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Daryl Dixon Cameo

I know I’ve been pretty critical but The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is actually a pretty good game. Next Games deserves some of your hard earned cash for the effort they’ve put into this release, however, they also need to address the way they’ve set up their pay options. The way it sits right now, No Man’s Land just looks like a Walking Dead money grab, and that is going to repel players who would otherwise drop money on a fun game based on a great show.

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